Request for Payment Plan

Payment Arrangement Policy for Outstanding Balances
A payment arrangement allows City of Midland utility customers the opportunity to pay off large bill balances to keep their utility account in good standing. With a payment arrangement, the balance is spread out over a specific period. This amount is called a monthly installment. Customers are required to pay the agreed-upon monthly installment, in addition to paying their monthly utility charges in full by the bill due date each month.

Payment Arrangement Terms:

  1. The length of the payment arrangement is based on the total amount of balance.
  2. The following timeframes will be allowed for payment arrangements:
  • If the past due balance is less than $100, then a payment arrangement will not be allowed.
  • If the past due balance is between $100 and $300, then half of the amount is due to start, and the remainder can be split into two payments.
  • If the past due balance is more than $300, then a payment arrangement can be made. 
  1. A standard agreement requires a 50% payment on the past due balance before the payment arrangement begins. Exceptions must be approved by the supervisor.
  2. Payment arrangements must be made in person at the Customer Service department located at 1030 Andrews Highway Suite 220. Hours are Monday- Friday from 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.  A payment arrangement cannot be made over the phone. 
    1. Please bring the  Payment Arrangement Form with you to Customer Service to discuss your plan.
    2. The payment arrangement will not start until the City receives the signed contract back from the customer along with a copy of the driver’s license of the signer. 

A customer is not eligible for a payment arrangement if:

  • The customer has tampered with any water meter at the property subject to the payment arrangement.
  • The customer has had any illegal water usage.
  • The customer does not have an active water account with the City.
  • The customer has had any returned payments for NSF within the last 6 months.
  • The City of Midland has turned a delinquent utility account over to a debt collector.
  • The total past due balance is less than $100.

Important: Failure to fulfill the payment agreement terms will result in meter lock or removal, and all amounts will be required to be paid in full, plus reconnection fees, prior to reconnection of services.