Firemen's Relief and Retirement Fund

Midland Firemen's Relief and Retirement Fund was created under the Texas Local Fire Fighters Retirement Act (TLFFRA). The Act provides general guidelines for fund management, including some investment restrictions, but leaves administration, plan design, contributions and specific investments to each system's local board. Systems operating under TLFFRA are entirely locally funded and each have their own local boards of trustees governed by state statute. 


Based on information received on the condition of the pension fund, a comprehensive examination of the fund's operations, known as a Forensic Audit and a Governance Audit, was carried out towards the end of 2022. The audit findings unveiled a series of long-standing issues with the fund's contribution arrangements. These issues encompassed shortcomings in benefit design, excessive overtime expenses resulting from understaffing, and alterations in the city's payment practices. The City of Midland and the Board of Trustees are working together to make the pension fund stronger and more secure to benefit everyone involved. 


Forensic Audit Report

Governance Audit Report

Actuarial Valuation

Letter: Update on the Study of Potential Plan Changes

Information on the Midland Firemen's Relief and Retirement Fund

Action Plan Milestones:

  • July 2023: Consideration of a vote by members of the Midland Fire Department on two items addressing the unfunded liability: removal of unscheduled overtime and a change to calculate benefits based on consecutive pay periods rather than nonconsecutive ones. Both items were passed by 81% of the voting members.
  • July 27, 2023: The vote was ratified at the Midland Firemen’s Relief and Retirement Fund Meeting. More information can be found on the Midland Firemen’s Relief and Retirement Fund website.