Strategic Communications

The Communications and Marketing Department plays a vital role in fostering strong connections between the City of Midland, its various departments, and our valued citizens. Our primary objective is to establish effective two-way communication channels, enabling us to understand and support the needs of our residents. As a crucial link, we act as liaisons between City departments, the municipal government, and the media.

In addition to our external responsibilities, we also offer essential internal communications services to the City of Midland, ensuring smooth dissemination of information among our employees. Our overarching mission is to enhance transparency, cooperation, and understanding within the community, contributing to a thriving and well-informed city environment.

The department oversees branding, media relations, the City's website, social media, newsletters, photography, video content, crisis communications, and marketing of City special events.

Members of the media requesting information or interviews with City staff can do so by emailing

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