Impoundment Fees
1st Impoundment (altered)  $25
1st Impoundment (unaltered)  $80
2nd Impoundment  $50
3rd Impoundment  $60
Livestock Impoundment   $100

License Fees
Replacement License (with proof of current rabies vaccination)
Yearly License  

Adoption Fees
Cats & Dogs (includes micro chipping)
Ducks, Rabbits, Other

 Boarding Fees
Main Kennels & Cats
$6 per day
Quarantine $8 per day

Pick Up Fees
Deceased Livestock (within city limits)
Deceased Pets
Owner Released Pets

Rabies Testing
Rabies Specimen Preparation Fee
Rabies Specimen Shipping Fee

Other Fees
Bottle Dip
Cremation Fees
See clerk
Dog Dipping
$12 per pet
Euthanasia Fee
Euthanasia Fee (residential)
Micro Chipping (owned animals only)
Surgery Deposits (on adoptions)
Transport Fee to Veterinarian