Public Information

 Open Records
All requests for records must be made in writing and are handled by the City's Public Information Act Coordinator

NOTICE: You may be required to pay a charge that reasonably includes all costs related to reproducing the requested information, including costs of materials, labor, and overhead. Depending on the costs related to your request, we may send an invoice to you along with the information that you requested, or we may send you an invoice alone and require that it be paid before we send you the information that you requested. If we anticipate that the charge will exceed $40 (forty dollars), we will send you an itemized cost estimate for your approval before we proceed with the work. If we anticipate that the charge will exceed $100 (one hundred dollars), we will send you an itemized cost estimate and require a deposit before we proceed with the work. When you are invoiced, please submit payment by check or money order according to the instructions given in your invoice. Please do not pre-pay or pay before you have received an invoice or cost estimate.



► POLICE REPORTS: including 911 and dispatch records, Fire and EMS records and Animal Services records.

► ALL OTHER CITY RECORDS: including septic permits, zoning verifications, personnel records, environmental site assessments, etc.

 Public Information Office
Public Information Officer Sara Bustilloz acts as the City of Midland's liaison for the news media and public on issues related to the City.

Press releases provide daily news about City happenings while two-way communication is encouraged through the City's Facebook and Twitter pages. 

The Public Information Office maintains the City's Government Access Channel, CityTV, which is available on channel 2 for Suddenlink customers and channel 6 for Grande customers. CityTV is also available 24/7 via the City's YouTube channel.