Standard Fines

 Standard or Window Fines

Below is the list of standard fines which may be paid at the cashier window or mailed to the court. Some citations may be paid online by clicking on the Pay Ticket button. These are for citations issued by the Midland Police Department, Midland Fire Department, City of Midland Code Enforcement, Midland Animal Control, Midland Independent School District or Midland College.

  • All persons 16 or under must appear before the Judge and must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.
  • All persons 17 or under who have been charged with an alcohol or tobacco related offense must appear before the Judge and must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.
  • Please do not pay your citation online if you wish to attend a Driving Safety Course.

 City of Midland Municipal Court Standard Fine Amounts


Court Costs

Total Costs

All Accidents100.9099.10200.00
Alcohol Consume After Hours134.0066.00200.00
Alcohol Consume City Park184.0066.00250.00
Alcohol Consume While Driving313.9066.10380.00
Assault by Touch284.0066.00350.00
Back Without Safety75.9099.10175.00
Barking Dog134.0066.00200.00
Change Lane When Unsafe - No Accident50.9099.10150.00
Criminal Mischief334.0066.00400.00
Cross Fire Hose without Permission199.9099.10299.00
Cross Median or Physical Barrier75.9099.10175.00
Curfew Violation164.0066.00230.00
Cut Across Driveway to Make Turn75.9099.10175.00
Defective Equipment75.9099.10175.00
Disregard Police Officer100.9099.10200.00
Disregard Warning Sign at Construction75.9099.10175.00
Discharge Firearm500.0066.00566.00
Disorderly Conduct - Abuse / Threat309.0066.00375.00
Disorderly Conduct - Peeping Tom359.0066.00425.00
Disorderly Conduct - Fighting309.0066.00375.00
Disregard Flashing Red Signal100.9099.10200.00
Disregard Signal at Railroad199.9099.10299.00
Dog at Large84.0066.00150.00
Dog No Tags84.0066.00150.00
Drive Off Truck Route134.0066.00200.00
Drive While License Invalid500.0066.00566.00
Drove without Lights when Required75.9099.10175.00
Drove Wrong Way on One Way75.9099.10175.00
Dumping on Private / Public Property2,000.0066.002,066.00
Expired Motor Vehicle Inspection51.0099.00150.00
Expired or No Registration84.0066.00150.00
Fail to Stop for School Bus500.90124.10625.00
Fail to Yield Right of Way w/No Accident75.9099.10175.00
Fail to Yield Minor Accident100.9099.10200.00
Fail to Yield Major Accident500.9099.10600.00
Fireworks Prohibited2000.0066.002,066.00
Follow Too Close w/No Accident75.9099.10175.00
Impeding Traffic75.9099.10175.00
Improper Turn75.9099.10175.00
In Park After Hours134.0066.00200.00
Interference with City Agent234.0066.00300.00
Littering on Highway134.0066.00200.00
Minor Attempting to Purchase Alcohol500.0066.00566.00
Minor Consuming Alcohol500.0066.00566.00
Minor Driving Under the Influence500.0066.10566.10
Minor in Possession of Alcohol500.0066.00566.00
Minor in Possession of Tobacco250.0066.00316.00
Minor Public Intoxication500.0066.00566.00
No Driver's License199.9066.10266.00
No Insurance350.0066.00416.00
No U-Turn in Business District109.0066.00175.00
Possession of Drug Paraphernalia500.0066.00566.00
Public Intoxication234.0066.00300.00
Ran Stop Sign75.9099.10175.00
Ran Red Light100.9099.10200.00
Seat Belt Driver50.0099.00149.00
Seat Belt Driver for Passengers111.0099.00210.00
Skating or Roller Blading84.0066.00150.00
Solicit after Hours500.0066.00566.00
Solicit Without Permit500.0066.00566.00
Speeding in a School Zone17.00 per mile
Speeding - non School Zone14.00 per mile
Spinning Tires109.0066.00175.00
Theft of Service500.0066.00566.00
Theft Under $50500.0066.00566.00
Unapproved Window Tint76.0099.00175.00
Unload/Load Passengers in Traffic Lane109.0066.00175.00
Unrestrained Child250.0099.00349.00
Vicious Dog324.0066.00390.00
Violate DL Restrictions199.9099.10299.00
Weeds and Rubbish500.0066.00566.00