Procedure & Rules

Teen Court Procedure

Teen Courts are held on the set Monday evenings, with check-in beginning at 5 p.m. at the County Courthouse. Come to the specified location, check in with the Court volunteers or staff, and be seated in the assigned location. Each non-traffic defendant will be appointed a teen defense attorney; traffic offenders appear before the Master Jury and do not have a teen attorney.

Teens and attorneys meet during the check-in period to discuss the case. Some defense attorneys may call their assigned defendants at home prior to the Court date. The Master Jury hears most traffic cases where the jury itself questions the defendant. Jurors in both Courts are teens, either volunteers or completing a sentence. Local judges and licensed attorneys preside over the Teen Courts.

Rules & Dress Code

Court is a formal, serious place, demanding respect and appropriate behavior from all participants. Anyone in violation will be asked to leave and receive no credit for the evening’s attendance.

All persons shall be appropriately attired for Court proceedings, dressed in clean, neat clothing. (Shorts, caps or hats, tank tops, rompers, tattered or soiled clothing, and inappropriate tee shirts are not allowed.)