NOTICE: The City of Midland has issued a clarification of existing standards to be used in all new development proposals. Read it now: City of Midland Policy Statement
The City of Midland is preparing new Preliminary Paving Details, Preliminary Water Details, Preliminary Wastewater Details, and Preliminary Erosion Control Details to be used in all new development proposals.
The Engineering Division provides services related to civil engineering in several areas, such as:

Public Improvements

These are infrastructure items owned and maintained by the city, such as water and sewer lines, storm water drainage systems, and street and alleys.

Our goal is to ensure that new public improvements are designed to mesh with existing infrastructure, are sized to handle future development, and are constructed in a way that will be easy to maintain. We have authority over developments proposed by private companies, and we prepare plans for projects the city will pay for.

Regulatory Programs

Engineering also has responsibility for federal programs such as floodplain management (flood prevention) and storm water pollution prevention. We can provide copies of floodplain surveys, etc., upon request.