Engineering & Transportation

Infrastructure items owned and maintained by the City of Midland include water and sewer lines, storm water drainage systems, and street and alleys. The Engineering Services Department's goal is to ensure that new public improvements are designed to mesh with existing infrastructure, are sized to handle future development, and are constructed in a way that will be easy to maintain.

Learn More:

  1. Project Updates

    Information about current projects including paving, waterline extensions, and other capital infrastructure improvements.

  2. Streets & Traffic

    Important phone numbers for reporting problems and information about streets, signals, and roadways.

  3. Documents & Forms

    Permits, specifications, studies and more.

  4. GIS & Mapping

    Important maps and data for the City of Midland.

  5. Floodplain & Drainage

    Maps, useful documents, and the City of Midland's Master Drainage Plan.