Flashing Yellow Arrow Left Turn Displays
The City of Midland is converting several left-turn traffic signals to include a flashing yellow arrow. Right of Way
 The Transportation Division is responsible for the management and maintenance of the city right of way infrastructure including streets, alleys, curbs, gutters, storm sewers, and drainage channels. The division maintains paved and unpaved streets and alleys, performs street sweeping, and removes debris and litter from streets and public right of way. They respond to severe storms and other weather related emergencies, including flooding and wild fires. They also assist Keep Midland Beautiful in “Clean Midland”, our annual city-wide cleanup project.

Traffic Engineering
The Transportation Division is also responsible for Traffic Engineering functions within the City of Midland.  This responsibility includes conducting studies of vehicular and pedestrian traffic flow and patterns, installation and maintenance of traffic control devices including pavement markings, traffic signage, traffic signals, and school zone flashing equipment, enforcement of right of way and visibility sight triangle obstructions, traffic accident analysis which includes preparing an Annual Accident Report, and submittal of ordinances to the City Council for the installation of all traffic control devices within the city. 

This division also approves and authorizes the installation of street lights within the city and maintains street lighting on Loop 250 and High Mast lighting on a portion of BI-20. Most other lighting is maintained by the local electric provider: Oncor or Sharyland Utilities.
Residential & Commercial Review
The Transportation Division reviews all residential and commercial development in regard to traffic circulation, approves new and modified driveways, and conducts and reviews traffic impact analysis studies as necessary.