Cadet Program

The Midland Police Department is actively recruiting high school graduates, 18 years of age and older, for the position of Police Cadet.

This is an excellent opportunity that allows individuals the unique opportunity to obtain on the job training while attending college.

The Midland Police Department pays for tuition, fees, and books for its Police Cadets.  Expenses already covered by other scholarship programs or grants cannot be covered by this program.  Police cadets must complete a minimum of 12 hours per semester while attending college and a course must be completed at or above a “C” grade rating.

Cadets work 20 hours per week while attending and rotate work assignments according to the college semester schedule.  The 20 hour workweek may also include weekend hours.

Cadets may be assigned to work in different sections of the department such as Identification, Telephone Response Unit, Community Service, Training Division, Administrative Services, Detective Division or any other assignment within the Department’s four Bureaus.

The Midland Police Department feels that cadets should maintain the same moral and ethical standards required of Midland Police Officers; therefore, cadets are on continuous probation while employed at the Department.

Cadets are issued a uniform and will wear this while working at the Midland Police Department.  The Department furnishes the uniform cleaning as well as the uniform.


Applicants must pass an entry-level physical assessment which consists of 30 Sit-Ups, 25 Push-Ups, and a 1.5 Mile Run in under 16 minutes. Applicants will also participate in an oral interview board.

To schedule an appointment and obtain application information, contact Sergeant Jimmy Young at (432) 685-7590 or or contact Ofc. Bianca Rodriguez at (432) 685-7121 or