Northeast Corridor Study

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NE Corridor Feasibility Study

About the Study

What kind of roadwork needs to be done in Northeast Midland to meet our city's future needs? What could extensions of existing roadways or new roadways do to efficiently move traffic from future areas of growth to the rest of the city? 

The City of Midland, working in conjunction with the Permian Basin Metropolitan Planning Organization, has commissioned a study to define a common vision for a potential highway loop corridor and supporting north-south highway network in Northeast Midland.

The purpose of the feasibility study is to support the pre-NEPA process by defining: a common vision for a potential mobility corridor(s) and supporting north-south roadway network, identifying the project corridor's need and purpose, developing and narrowing a number of alternative alignments, and providing supporting documentation for proposed facility characteristics, fatal flaws, and potential environmental concerns. Documentation to be provided will further describe the collaborative planning process, stakeholder input, definition of corridor influences, definition of supporting roadway network needs, agency coordination and potential environmental implications. 
Northeast Corridor Study