Benefits of Enrolling in ImmTrac as a Client

  • You can safely store your and your family's immunization records in ImmTrac at no-cost. ImmTrac records are kept secure and confidential. Even if you received one vaccine at your doctor's office and another at your local pharmacy, ImmTrac will consolidate the two into one immunization history.
  • You can request a copy of your immunization history when it is needed for child-care, school, and college entrance requirements, military enlistment, travel, employment in health and safety fields, and other instances.
  • ImmTrac authorized organizations can access your immunization history and make sure that you are not over- or under-vaccinated. This way, you will be fully protected against vaccine-preventable diseases and save money by not paying for vaccines you do not need.
  • NO-COST TO YOU. ImmTrac is a no-cost service from the State of Texas, created by the Department of State Health Services.
  • SECURE. All the immunization records in ImmTrac are safe and secure. Only ImmTrac authorized organizations may access the immunization records.
  • CONFIDENTIAL. Before anyone can view and release your immunization history, he or she must have your signed authorization. Only a limited number of authorized organizations have access to view and release immunization records.
  • ELECTRONIC. ImmTrac is designed to enable the proper collection and storage of immunization records to make accurate immunization histories.
  • ACCESSIBLE TO AUTHORIZED ORGANIZATIONS. Authorized ImmTrac organizations can access ImmTrac immunization histories.