In 2018, the City of Midland established a Storm Water Utility.

What does the Storm Water Utility do?
-Street sweeping
-Gutter and draw debris cleanouts
-Infrastructure improvement to eliminate flooding
-Water quality protection

How is the Storm Water Utility funded?
The Utility is funded through a tier-based fee. Tiers are based upon the property size. All customers within a tier pay the same, flat fee.

Rate Schedule - Residential

Tier Square Footage Monthly Rate
Tier 1 Up to 1,399 sq. ft. $1.20
Tier 2  1,400 to 2,424 sq. ft.  $2.00
Tier 3 2,425  or greater sq. ft. $3.40

Rate Schedule - Commercial

Tier Square Footage Monthly Rate
Tier 1  0 to 8,339 sq. ft. $5.80
Tier 2 8,340 to 18,702 sq. ft. $13.00
Tier 3 18,703 to 47,853 sq. ft. $30.00
Tier 4 47,854 to 92,740 sq. ft. $68.40
Tier 5 92,741 to 261,475 sq. ft. $154.00
Tier 6 261,476 or greater sq. ft. $220.00

Floodplain & Drainage

The City of Midland’s Engineering Services Department has responsibility for federal programs such as floodplain management and storm water pollution prevention.


Useful Documents:

Request for Elevation Certificate:

If you need to request a copy of an elevation certificate, please email your request to


Master Drainage Plan