Car Seat Information

Midland Fire Department currently has 3 personnel trained in car seat installation and safety. If you have questions about a car seat, would like help installing your car seat or would simply like to make sure your child(ren) are riding in the vehicle safely, please call Central Fire Station to schedule an appointment. 

We are happy to assist you in installing your car seat correctly please consider the following prior to scheduling: 

  1. Appointment times are from 9 am-3 pm Tuesday-Thursday.
  2. It is preferred your child(ren) be with you when you come for your installation or safety check so that we are able to accurately conclude your child is in the correct size and style of car seat. If the child is not yet born, we are still happy to install your infant seat prior to birth.
  3. You must also bring the car seat with you for installation. It is very difficult to give safety information without the specific seat you use in your vehicle.
  4. Call 432-685-7330 to schedule with these items in mind. We are in the office Monday-Friday, 8 am-5 pm. You may also email us at