Lateral Officers

Midland is Looking for Certified Peace Officers

  • Midland Police Department is looking for Certified Peace Officers.
  • For out-of-state offices, the pay scale is adjusted depending on the length of service.
  • Out of state, lateral officers must attend a full-length police academy.
    • Midland Police Department holds its own 21-week academy. Followed by a 17-week field training program.
  • Lateral officers with a peace officers license in the state of Texas will NOT have to attend the academy.

Lateral salary is based on whole years of police officer experience:

1 year (Basic Peace Officer Certificate) = $66,994

3 years (Basic Peace Officer Certificate) = $73,590

5 years (Basic Peace Officer Certificate) = $77,279

7 years (Intermediate Peace Officer Certificate) = $81,127

9 years (Intermediate Peace Officer Certificate) = $84,947

Other Benefits Include:

  • Take-Home Vehicle upon Completion of FTO
  • 2 Shifts per Month of Dedicated Training
  • Education and Certificate Pay