How many garage/yard sales are allowed?
Four per year, but not more than two in a 90 days period.

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1. Do you need a permit for a storage building?
2. Is it against City Code to have vehicles parked on the lawn?
3. What steps do I need to take to have a vehicle removed from my property?
4. How can I request additional watering hours or days?
5. Does the City of Midland Code Compliance Division remove graffiti?
6. What type of vehicles are considered to be inoperable and in violation by City Code?
7. Who is responsible for the upkeep of the alley?
8. Can you park an RV in the back yard and stay in it?
9. Can a business operate in a residential district?
10. What is considered a junk vehicle?
11. Can I put a tarp or car cover over my vehicles?
12. How many garage/yard sales are allowed?
13. Where can I dispose of yard waste, limbs?
14. Can I put my vehicle for sale in a parking lot?
15. What are Midland's current water restrictions?