How do I schedule a Fire Station visit?

To schedule a group visit to your local fire station, please call 432-685-7436. Families and small groups may visit Central Fire Station without an appointment during business hours outside of 11 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.

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1. How do I obtain a fire or accident report?
2. How do I schedule a Fire Station visit?
3. Is there currently a burn ban in Midland County?
4. Does Midland Fire Department provide car seat training?
5. How do I become a firefighter with the Midland Fire Department?
6. Will the Midland Fire Department provide water for pools or tanks?
7. What is the name & phone number of the responding Fire Department for this area?
8. Is Midland Fire Department a paid or volunteer department?
9. How many responding firefighters are on duty during the day & night?
10. What are the number of gallons on each pumper?
11. What are the number of tankers and gallon capacity of each?
12. On an initial response how many gallons of water are brought by the Fire Department?
13. What is the distance from the Fire Department to a dwelling?
14. What is the response time in minutes, including scramble time?
15. Are roads paved and accessible at all times?
16. Are there any physical barriers (locked gates, railroad crossing, one lane roads, home on a dead end street, narrow bridges, etc.)?
17. Is there a public hydrant within 1,000 feet of the dwelling?
18. If not, describe alternate water source if there is one (i.e. dry hydrant, lake, cistern):