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1. What version of the International Fire Code has the City of Midland adopted?
2. Can work on my construction project begin before the plan review process is complete?
3. Can I use a BBQ grill on my porch or balcony?
4. How do I maintain a smoke detector?
5. How do I set up a fire protection system inspection?
6. What are the rules for fireworks in Midland?
7. Can a day-of fire protection system test be scheduled?
8. Can a building be occupied before the fire protection systems are tested and approved?
9. Can stock or merchandise be placed in a building before the fire protection system are tested and approved?
10. When is a Knox Box (key box) entry required on a property for emergency access?
11. Can a contractor go vertical with a building before the fire lane is installed or before the fire hydrants have been tested and approved?
12. Does the Midland Fire Department charge fees for plan submittals?