Spay / Neuter Voucher Requirements

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Voucher Information

Midland Animal Services offers pet owners a voucher valued at $70, intended for surgical alterations to prevent dogs or cats from reproducing. To be eligible for this voucher, pet owners must fulfill the following requirements:

To qualify for the surgical alteration voucher, pet owners must adhere to the following criteria:

  • Residency Requirement: The pet owner must reside within the City of Midland boundaries. Proof of address must be provided in the form of a utility, phone, or cable bill. Please note, a driver’s license will not be accepted as a valid form of address proof.
  • Current Vaccinations: Owners are required to present vaccination records, indicating the dates on which a licensed veterinarian administered the recommended preventative vaccinations to the pet. These records must be under the owner’s name and reflect an address within the city limits.
  • Voucher Issuance Schedule: Vouchers are available for issuance from Tuesday to Saturday, strictly during regular business hours. Additionally, requests for vouchers can also be made online for added convenience.
  • Voucher Limitation: Please be advised that there is a restriction of one voucher per day for each pet owner.

We encourage pet owners to adhere to these guidelines and utilize the online request option to ensure a smooth and efficient process in obtaining the voucher.

Voucher Expiration

For owned animals the vouchers are good for 14 days from the date of issuance. For feral animals the vouchers are good for 30 days. Please make appointments and any necessary pre-exams with your veterinarian before getting your voucher.


The City of Midland will not reimburse citizens for surgeries performed after the voucher expiration date.
The City of Midland will not reimburse citizens for surgeries performed prior to obtaining the voucher.