Fire Alarm Plans & Installation

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Fire Alarm Plans and Installation Requirements 

The following information is for the purposes of installing any required fire alarm system within the City of Midland. This is not intended to be the only requirements as many codes and regulations apply.

The following items need to be addressed in obtaining a system approval:

  • Fire alarm plans shall be submitted for review and by the Midland Fire Marshal’s office prior to installation of any component of the system. Three sets of plans need to be submitted and shall include information regarding the system, including specifications, wiring diagrams, battery calculations, floor plans, and locations of all devices.
  • Visual inspection shall be made to ensure that there are no changes that affect equipment performance.
  • Acceptance testing shall include functionality test of all initiating and notification devices and a 24-hour battery test to ensure battery capability.
  • During the acceptance test, all smoke sensing devices shall be tested using smoke only.
  • Required duct detectors shall initiate HVAC shutdown upon activation and indicate a supervisory signal at the fire alarm panel.
  • Buildings equipped with a fire sprinkler system shall have an audible warning device indicating water flow, and shall be installed above the fire department connection and supervised by the fire alarm system.
  • Acceptance testing shall be arranged 24 hours in advance through the Fire Marshal’s Office. No testing will be scheduled after 2 p.m.
  • The entire fire alarm shall be tested at the completion of the system.
  • Any permits required will be obtained through the building department.

A rapid entry Knox box is required for buildings protected by a monitored fire alarm system. These can be purchased through the Knox Company at Knox Box. Contact our office for further information regarding the installation.

Beginning January 1st, 2020, all-new Post Indicating Valves (PIV) will be required to have electronic monitoring by the building fire alarm system. Knox padlocks will not be required when the (PIV) is supervised by the fire alarm system. The change is being implemented to reduce the need for fire department staff to unlock the valve for maintenance. 

The Fire Marshal's Office will no longer accept electronic submittal of plans due to the complexity of fire alarm/sprinkler projects. For more information please email