Impact Fees

Effective Date of Impact Fees: October 1, 2019

Under Ordinance 9960, the City of Midland established Water, Wastewater, and Roadway Impact Fees. These Impact Fees are intended to assure the provision of adequate public facilities to serve new development in the City by requiring each such development to pay its share of the costs of new infrastructure needs created by that development. These fees do not replace platting obligations for public improvements required by City Code, although certain regionally-significant improvements identified on Council-adopted Capital Improvement Plans may receive credits against Impact Fees owed.

*Impact fees shall be collected at the time of building permit issuance*

Roadway Impact Fees are calculated based on projected traffic generation, land use type, and service area (A, B, C, and D). Service area E has no roadway Impact Fees.

Water and Wastewater Impact Fees are determined by the size of the meter and are the same in all service areas. Water fees are assessed for both domestic and irrigation meters, and wastewater fees are assessed for domestic meters only. 

A partial Impact Fee list is included below. For a complete list of Impact Fees, information regarding credits against Impact Fees, and to read Ordinance 9960 in its entirety, you can view the ordinance here:  Ordinance 9960

Service Area Map

Impact Fee Service Area Map
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Roadway Impact Fees (partial list)

Roadway Impact Fees

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Water and Wastewater Impact Fees

Water and Wastewater Impact Fees

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Impact Fee Reports