COVID-19 News and Information

3/27/2020: The Midland Unified Command Team held a joint press conference. The City of Midland confirmed it’s the seventh and eighth case of COVID-19. Dennis the Menace park was closed to the public until further notice. View the park closure release here.

3/26/2020: The Midland Unified Command Team held a joint press conference. The City of Midland confirms two new cases of COVID-19. View the press release here.

3/25/2020: The Midland Unified Command Team held a joint press conference. The City announced it’s fourth case of COVID-19. View the press release here.

3/24/2020: The City of Midland confirms it’s second and third cases of COVID-19. View the press release here.

3/23/2020: The City of Midland held a joint press conference as part of the Unified Command Team. The City also announced closures and modified access to city facilities. View the press release here.

3/20/2020: The City of Midland held a joint press conference to discuss the Unified Command Team.

3/20/2020: The City of Midland releases a press release concerning the Texas Supreme Court Emergency Order. View the release here.

3/19/2020:  Midland Memorial Hospital has received its first confirmed case of COVID-19. The male patient in his sixties is currently an inpatient at MMH. The patient is in isolation and all of the necessary precautions have taken place since the patient became a person under investigation. 

3/18/2020: The City of Midland Mayor Issued a Disaster Declaration 

3/17/2020: The City of Midland has announced a Status Level Chart regarding the coronavirus (COVID-19). This chart has been put in place for increased public education, awareness and updated information regarding COVID-19.

The chart consists of four levels for the Midland area: Level Blue, Level Yellow, Level Orange and Level Red.

The City of Midland is currently at Level Orange, which means limited confirmed cases in the Midland Area.

Each level also includes information with preventative tips and recommendations for the public.

COVID-19 Status Levels

3/13/2020: A statement from Mayor Patrick Payton

It is a severe understatement to say we are in a challenging season here in the Permian Basin. But while we are indeed in unprecedented territory what is not in question is the concern, planning and readiness of all involved in addressing the challenges. Allow me to address a few issues in hopes of alleviating some worry amidst anxious times.

Coronavirus Readiness:

Upon my invitation, all parties needing to be involved in strategic discussions throughout the city and county gathered on March 4th to compare notes and facts and outline response clarity. At the time of this release we still have no confirmed cases nor has any testing been administered for the coronavirus. As well, we continue to remind people to remain calm and follow the protocol below if there is suspicion of symptoms that cause concern:

Do not go to the hospital, your doctor’s office or an emergency clinic

Stay home and self-quarantine

Call your primary care physician or in the absence of a primary care physician call 68NURSE (686-8773).

Follow the directions of medical professionals as to next steps. 

Close coordination and communication are a constant among the city, county and state entities and will continue as we work our way through this challenge in the days ahead.

Closures and Cancellations:

As a city, we are attempting to be informed, wise and cautious in moving forward with closures and cancellations. We are in conversations with event planners to make sure we are communicating and making decisions as cautiously and wisely as possible.

At the city level we are doing what many places of business are doing in limiting meetings that require travel either of staff or those seeking to meet with staff.

Though the temptation is to make big, quick decisions to shut down events and gatherings we are aware of the cautious self-discipline Midlanders will exhibit through this season. Therefore, we will pursue closures and cancellations as the data and council dictate.

Moving Forward:

Midlanders know what it is to weather the toughest and most uncertain of times. This unprecedented season will be no different as we rally together, seek counsel and move forward with the well-being of all, at the forefront of our minds. We will not politicize our actions or processes but will pull together resources and data, protect our friends and neighbors and honor one another as we fight these challenges together. Whether it is the economy or a virus we will once again be an example to the world of what it looks like to apply West Texas values and priorities towards a healthy solution.