How to Drive in a Roundabout

  • First, the driver selects the correct entry lane for their movement.
  • Then, drivers yield to pedestrians at the crosswalk.
  • Next, they yield at the entry to traffic that’s already in the circle.
  • And finally, drivers yield again for pedestrians at the crosswalk as they exit.

If an Emergency Vehicle approaches 

If you’re approaching a roundabout and a fire truck, ambulance, or police vehicle approaches from behind with lights and siren, always pull to the right and yield right-of-way as normal before entering the roundabout.

If you’re already in the roundabout when an emergency vehicle approaches from any direction, stay in your lane, continue to your intended exit, and then safely pull to the right and yield only after you are clear of the roundabout. Never change lanes and never stop within the roundabout, as that could block the emergency vehicle or cause a collision with another driver. Always continue as normal and exit the roundabout to allow the emergency vehicle the most room to maneuver.


Midland currently has one multi-Lane Roundabout at the extension of Tradewinds Blvd at Anetta Dr, between Thomason Dr and Business 20.

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