Municipal Court

Municipal Court Building

General Information 

The Municipal Court is presided over by the Honorable T.A. "Tim" Meek who is designated as the Presiding Judge.  Judge Meek is licensed attorney appointed by the Midland City Council. He is a direct appointee and is not under the direction of the city manager.

 What We Do

The Municipal Court of the City of Midland is a Court of Record allowing for a more efficient disposition of appeals arising from the court. Defendants may appeal their case to the Midland County Court.

Each appeal is determined solely on the basis of errors submitted in the defendant’s motion for new trial and presented in a transcript and a statement of facts to a Midland County Judge.

Upon review of the transcript and statement of facts, the Midland County Judge will either affirm the judgment of the Municipal Court or remand the case to the Municipal Court for a new trial.


Municipal Court has jurisdiction over all Class C Misdemeanors committed within the city limits of the City of Midland. These generally include traffic offenses, parking offenses, city code violations, and certain criminal offenses including family violence assaults, public order crimes and juvenile matters.

The Staff

The staff of the Municipal Court consists of department manager, Presiding Judge T.A. "Tim" Meek, Associate Judge Wayne Frost, and 20 staff support personnel.

Court Appearance

An appearance is required to be made within fourteen calendar days of the date of your citation. Your appearance should be made in person at 201 E. Texas or by mail. You may not enter an appearance by phone.

All individuals contacting the court are encouraged to review the online services available to mitigate in-person foot traffic.  Defendants may also email documents, record requests, motions, and letters of representation to