Funding, Volunteers & Scholarship

Funding & Support

  • The City of Midland
  • Midland County
  • Midland Independent School District
  • Foundations
  • Individuals
  • Corporations
  • Civic Groups

Volunteers Needed

Secondary school students are needed to serve as volunteer jurors, and may train to serve as prosecuting or defense attorneys. Adult volunteers help with court administration or in the office.


Midland Teen Court awards scholarships, funded by designated donations, to selected graduating volunteers to be used to further their education.

Authority For Teen Court

Chapter 45, Article 45.052 Texas Code of Criminal Procedure; Chapter 54, 54.032, Texas Family Code, Chapter 103.021 Texas Government Code

Dear Parents and Community Friends:

Many youth in Midland are fortunate to have their first experience with our judicial system through Midland Teen Court. Midland Teen Court is funded primarily by the City, County, School Districts, local foundations, civic clubs, churches, corporations, and individuals.

We need and would appreciate your financial help. Consider what Teen Court may have done for you; saved you an increase on your monthly insurance, kept your child’s record clean while teaching a lesson, provided a framework of positive peer pressure, given your child an opportunity to make amends to the community through volunteer service and a reason not to repeat a mistake, and provided a hands on experience in the judicial system.

We are glad to be the vehicle to provide these benefits. We are counting on your support to help us to continue. Your contributions will enhance the programs and/or scholarships provided for the youth of Midland.

The Midland Teen Court Board of Directors

Please send your contribution to the:

Midland Teen Court, Inc.
615 West Missouri, #226
Midland, Texas 79701.